Saipal Collaboration 2018



Event Details:

1. Drama

  • It will be of maximum 20 minutes
  • No. of participants must not exceed 12
  • The director of the drama must be the principal himself and to validate it, the authority must present the handwritten script of the principal to make it more interesting and surprising in the national and global arena.
  • The theme of the drama will be strictly based on supernatural-“Horror”

2. Filmography

  • Theme of this category is based on the social issue which has a higher value and importance in our country like; Nepal, and rooted deep in the first world country as well which is non-other than “Superstition”
  • Team size- 5 people
  • Maximum of 3 minutes

3. Recycling Competition

  • 90 minutes task
  • Team size- 2 students
  • Non bio- degradable
  • Use of plastics, bottles, and rubbers are highly prioritize

4. Social Media Marketing

  • Common banner will be used to promote A-levels as a whole
  • College will upload the banner presenting the logos of all the participating schools (strong base for the collaborative marketing)
  • The maximum shares tying with likes will be the base for the win; e.g. person must share and like simultaneously to get one vote for their respective team.

5. Business proposal

  • Proposal writing need to be highly creative and must be new in the market
  • Team Size: 2 persons
  • Use of text, pictures, and graphs are weighted accordingly; Text (20%), Pictures (60%), Graphs (20%) - will be followed by the presentation (Power Point / Flash)
  • The best proposal, if feasible, Saipal Academy will invest NRs 2,00,000/- and that particular winning team will have 5% shares on it.

6. Paintball Tournament

  • 8x8
  • 7 minutes war
  • The theme will be based on chess, which means hierarchy will be there starting from King, prime minister, heads and lower level securities- Program head or the principal himself will be the King (if king is defeated at first, the game will be over immediately)

7. Student + Teacher Debate Team (1 teacher, 1 student)

  • The individual college will form a team which includes, 1 teacher + 1 student, to get ready for the debate war with another college.
  • The topic will be given on the same day 15 minutes before the start of the competition.

8. Motivational Speech

  • Students need to speak for not more than 5 minutes to motivate the audience
  • They can use any legal probes
  • Team size- 1 each from the respective college
  • Slangs are highly prioritized in accordance with the situation and the demand for the spontaneous flow to establish motivation at its peak.

9. Basketball 3x3 Tournament

  • Each team will have 5 participants including one teacher of age over 30 and 1 team manager.