How To Build Character During Isolation - The Quarantine Effect

Wed Jul 01 2020 12:35:22 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)




It has been a long time since I stopped penetrating myself - asking myself where I am now. My childhood and my struggles were not immunized enough to put forward for the continuous feedback of "the key to success".

Now I have time - the world of time for the reassurance. The isolation drives me crazy about something - to offer the simplicity which is too complicated and provokes idiocy. But I am prepared to reveal the truth and the fundamentals of life structured as follows:

S = ∑⌠ (c, h, a, r, a, c, t, e, r )


S = success, ∑ = summation ⌠= Function



Lamenting with the experience of being aloof, I have interconnected the following factors to build the most awarded virtuosity, “The success” as illustrated above; where "character" stands as a base for all.

C - Clarity on what you express to your family with evidence

H - Honest towards your action; dishwashing? the awesome idea!

A - Action need to be in line with expectations of the family; loudness is strictly prohibited

R - Ready to take the initiative; start from the very basic - with a smile

A - Availability when needed the most; family always come first

C - Controlled behaviour to face the odds of life, keeping calm!

T - Time, the superpower - relate it to the floating boat in an ocean and visualize, you are in!!!

E - Essentials are hard to segregate, Ethics vs Knowledge vs Money vs Sports vs Food vs Travel

(if you can=winner)

R - Realistic being is the key to satisfaction. High degree of realness = High degree of satisfaction


The building of character is the summation of all the fundamentals underneath it which ultimately provide the basis for the success, which is just the relative aspect i.e. cannot be measured precisely.


Note: Relying on the basics by constructing character is the key to success.