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Student Clubs

In order to develop the inner qualities of the students, four clubs have been established at Saipal. These clubs run autonomously through the guidance of the college administration. The clubs members are elected through a democratic voting practice among the students. These clubs organize various events to foster team spirit and harmony among the students. More details about these clubs are as follows:

Take a Step Foundation- It is a club that is run with the objective of bringing social awareness through various programs. It has the objective of spreading awareness among the society members. It also aims to develop the literary dimensions of students through various events such as inter and intra competitions.

Roots and Shoots- It is a club that is run with the objective of enhancing the quality of environment by conducting various environment related activities. Students carry out activities like paper recycling, tree plantation, and campaigns for the greener environment.

Indigenous Rhythms-  It is a club for those musically interested students who conduct programs such as Welcome and Farewell and various music symposium to enhance the inner talents of the students.

Real Dreams- It is a club established to maintain the sportsmanship in all the students. It conducts various sports activities such as Sports week and inter and intra sports competitions. The club further manages sport specific sub-clubs like "saipal-soccer", "chesSaipal", "Dunk-Saipal", and yet more to be mentioned.

Saipal-Duino: It is a club established with an objective to foster the technological environment within and outside the school community. Members of the club build different Arduino based automated projects and conduct exhibitions to represent them.