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SAHSS has a provision of scholarships for the deserving and meritorious SLC graduates.

*=The provision of scholarship is based on the score of SAHSS entrance score (50%) and SLC Score (50%)

#= 50 % of enrollment fee will be charged.

Admission form charge Rs.500


SAIPAL  A Level Scholarships

Merit Based:

100% tuition fee waiver for students scoring above 4.0 in their SLC exams.*

100% tuition fee waiver for district toppers.*

75%  scholarship for students who have topped the School in their SLC exams.*

25% tuition fee waiver for students scoring above 3.6 in their SLC exams.

20% tuition fee waiver for students scoring above 3.2 in their SLC  exams.

15% tuition fee waiver for students scoring above 2.8 in their SLC  exams.


Need Based:

Special privileges for deprived students. (Ranging from 25% to 75% on tuition Fees)

Special privileges for students from Minority sectors. (Ranging from 25% to  75% on tuition Fees)


Early Scholarship:

Students enrolling within May 8, 2017 to June 8, 20167 will receive 40 % scholarship on the total admission fee besides the above-mentioned schemes.