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Saipal Academy

Saipal is a time-tested and Nepal’s premier learning institution which was established in the year 2002. Its commitment to excellence ensures quality education for life. Saipal is known for its student- centered learning, a distinction that has made it one of the most sought after institutions in Kathmandu.

At Saipal, every individual student can explore and experience all aspects of life. Each child is equipped with confidence, self-respect, and dynamism.  Ultimately, these qualities prepare children for real life challenges, and make them capable to contribute for the overall development of the nation. Highly competent faculties, top notch infrastructure and facilities and super learning environment combine to establish Saipal as a leading educational institution of Nepal.

Our Events
Saipal Academy is organizing a festive futsal tournament to enhance the cooperation and coordination among the prestigious schools in the valley.
As a part of foundation session for A Levels Students, Treasure Hunt was organized on June 8, 2017.
Happy Students Review
Saipal has taught me to open the chamber of glory.
Samyak Tamrakar
Samyak Tamrakar
I am in love with my table tennis bat and Saipal is the glue to the rubber of my table tennis bat.
Harry Sharma
Harry Sharma
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